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Dynamic Energy Joins Investor Confidence Project Ally Network

Dynamic Energy Management is proud to announce our alignment with the Investor Confidence Project. By participating with ICP, we will work towards the ongoing development of renewable engineering investments and quality energy efficiency projects. Our industry is continually evolving and through our strategic partnerships we will continue to help everyone succeed.

The Investor Confidence Project is enabling a market for investor ready energy efficiency projects, by reducing transaction costs and engineering overhead, while increasing the reliability and consistency of savings. Through the collaboration of our many active allied organizations, the Investor Confidence Project is assembling a growing marketplace connecting origination channels and project developers to a wide range of project investors. This growing coalition includes both equity and debt finance companies, building owners and managers, energy service providers, insurers, engineers, utilities, and a range of NGO and public sector organizations.The Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Energy Performance Protocols define a clear road-map from retrofit opportunity to investor ready energy efficiency project, reducing often onerous transaction costs and making performance risk manageable to investors, while ensuring building owners achieve the many benefits of improved energy efficiency including reduced operating costs, enhanced productivity, and a lower carbon footprint.

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