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Power Factor Correction

What is Power factor correction?

A process that has to do with managing the essential traits of electric loads that are used to create a power factor of less than one.

The ratio of True Power

to Apparent Power

What's it for?​


Proper Loading and Adequate Supply  

Make use of power factor correction to ensure that commercial systems are not overloaded, and that manufacturing facilities have an adequate flow of power to operate heavy machinery.


Safe Transmission 

Ensure that the level of power transmission taking place is within safety limits set for the application involved.

Why consider
Power Factor Correction?


Consumer Benefits 

Users who choose to engage in power factor correction enjoy the benefit of reduced power bills, as well as preventing extra wear and tear on electrical devices in their business. 


Utility Benefits  

For suppliers, adjusting the nature of the power flow to keep it within acceptable limits means less time, expense, and lost revenue resulting from system failures. 

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