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Energy Monitoring Systems

What's the Bottom Line?


Affordable tools and a quick return on investment (ROI) make this solution an indispensable tool for any business or organization that's serious about saving money on energy with no disruptions.

What is an Energy Management System (EMS)?


Also referred to as a Building Automation System, these systems provide monitoring of "real time" energy usage and automated controls for lighting, HVAC and more.

Scalable & Accessible 

Through our web-based portal, our EMS can monitor any specified energy load, throughout a multitude of buildings. 


What can an EMS do for my business?  


Better, Faster & Smarter

Replace current thermostats with intelligent gateway thermostats 

throughout your buildings ​for a sleeker look and a wireless integration to gain full control of the two most common energy hogs: HVAC and lighting.


Fault Detection & Ticketing 

Expert support, evaluation and notification of energy loads or systems to ensure your business has reliable power continuity and optimal power productivity for your equipment and machinery.


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